Battle for Azeroth Alpha - Build 26367

Edit (7:30 AM EST): Priests were previously incorrectly omitted from both race-class combination lists.

Battle for Azeroth Alpha - Build 26367
A new build is on the way!

Dark Iron Dwarf and Mag'har Orc Classes
New race-class combinations were added to the data used to populate the character creation screen!

New Mounts

Darkhound Models

Old God Projections

Spell and Azerite Power Changes

Azerite Armor Testing - April 3
Azerite Armor is in for testing, with a temp UI.

Originally Posted by Blizzard(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With the new Alpha build going up today, we're going to enable some initial testing of one piece of Azerite Armor, with one set of choices. To access it, you'll need to create a new character, and you'll find it in your inventory.

Note that some elements are still placeholder (including the UI), but we're still interested in any early feedback you have on this feature. We'll be rolling out additional pieces of Azerite Armor for testing as the Alpha continues.

New Icons

New Loading Screen

Achievement Changes
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Battle for Azeroth
  • Ready for War Complete the war campaign in Kul'Tiras and Zandalar. 10 points. Kul Tiras and Zandalar. 10 points.

Battle for Azeroth Dungeon
Dungeons & Raids
  • Not a Fun Guy (New) Defeat Musashitake, then defeat Sporecaller Zancha on Mythic difficulty. 10 points.
  • Pecking Order (New) Serve Sharkbait his favorite meal on Heroic difficulty or higher. Reward: Sharkbait's Favorite Crackers. 10 points.
  • Sporely Alive Defeat the Unbound Abomination without taking any damage from Rotting Spores any Rotting Spores dying in Underrot on Mythic difficulty. 10 points.

Feats of Strength
  • Salute to Starcraft (New) During the week of the 20th anniversary of Starcraft, which launched on March 31, 1998, /salute one of the following Starcraft-themed companion pets: Zergling, Grunty, Mini Thor, Baneling, or Zeradar.

Misc Changes
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Archaeology Branches

Archaeology Projects
  • Ancient Runebound Tome - Name changed from "Kul Tiras Project B (NEEDS NAME)" to "Ancient Runebound Tome". PH Book was used to fight the Drust Common. 35 fragments. 1 sockets.
  • Ceremonial Bonesaw - Name changed from "Kul Tiras Project A (NEEDS NAME)" to "Ceremonial Bonesaw". PH For the dismembering of animals Common. 35 fragments. 1 sockets.
  • Drust Disembowling Sickle - Name changed from "Kul Tiras Project C (NEEDS NAME)" to "Drust Disembowling Sickle". PH This thing is for removing the entrails of their kills Common. 35 fragments. 1 sockets.
  • Jagged Blade of the Drust - Name changed from "Kul Tiras Project D (NEEDS NAME)" to "Jagged Blade of the Drust". PH Used in ancient druidic ceremonies Common. 35 fragments. 1 sockets.
  • Ritual Fetish - Name changed from "Kul Tiras Project E (NEEDS NAME)" to "Ritual Fetish". PH Used in rituals Common. 35 fragments. 1 sockets.
  • Soul Coffer (New) - Used to contain volatile spirits. Common. 35 fragments. 1 sockets.

  • Akun'Jar Vase - Name changed from "Zandalari Project A (NEEDS NAME)" to "Akun'Jar Vase". PH Having some connection to the loa, Akunda Common. 35 fragments. 1 sockets.
  • Blowgun of the Sethra (New) - The trolls of the desert who worshipped Sethraliss used this blowguns to hunt their prey, be it beast, or troll. Common. 35 fragments. 1 sockets.
  • Bwonsamdi Voodoo Mask - Name changed from "Zandalari Project E (NEEDS NAME)" to "Bwonsamdi Voodoo Mask". PH Mask usd in rituals revolving around death Common. 35 fragments. 1 sockets.
  • High Apothecary's Hood - Name changed from "Zandalari Project D (NEEDS NAME)" to "High Apothecary's Hood". PH Hood worn by an ancient apothecary Common. 35 fragments. 1 sockets.
  • Rezan Idol - Name changed from "Zandalari Project C (NEEDS NAME)" to "Rezan Idol". PH Kept by ancient kings of Zuldazar, these idols were prayed to in respect to the great loa, Rezan Common. 35 fragments. 1 sockets.
  • Urn of Passage - Name changed from "Zandalari Project B (NEEDS NAME)" to "Urn of Passage". PH Used to keep the ashes of those lost in battle Common. 35 fragments. 1 sockets.

Battle Masters
  • Random Large Battleground (New) - Level: 20-120. Players: 5-40. Maps: Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest.
  • Stocked House - Name changed from "Battle for Blackrock Mountain" to "Stocked House". Brawl. Level: 110-120. Players: 10-40. Map: Battle for Blackrock Mountain. 2. Map: The Tiger's Peak.
  • The Tiger's Peak (New) - Level: 120. Players: 1-2. Rated players: 1. Map: The Tiger's Peak.

Class Specializations
  • Discipline - Healer spec. Uses magic to shield allies from taking damage as well as heal their wounds. Mastery: Reverence. Icon:

Currency Types
  • Drust Archaeology Fragment - Name changed from "Kul Tiras Archaeology Fragment" to "Drust Archaeology Fragment".

  • Honor (New) - Granted from slaying enemies of your faction
  • Honor Level (New) - Granted from slaying many enemies of your faction

  • PvP (New) - Players: 1-3. Fallback: Heroic.

Flight Masters
  • Goldtusk Inn, Vol'dun (New) - Horde only. Mount: NPC #129538.
  • Scorched Sands Outpost, Vol'dun (New) - Horde only. Mount: NPC #129538.
  • Vorrik's Sanctum, Vol'dun - Name changed from "Vorrik's Adytum, Vol'dun" to "Vorrik's Sanctum, Vol'dun".

Map Areas
Kul Tiras
  • Drustvar > Western Watch (New) - Pet battle levels: 25-25.
  • Stormsong Valley > Ai'twen's Cave (New)
  • Stormsong Valley > Briny Flats - Name changed from "Stormsong Valley > Brined Flats" to "Stormsong Valley > Briny Flats".
  • Tiragarde Sound > Proudmoore Barracks (New) - Music: Zone-70-BrokenIsles-TheGreatSea. Pet battle levels: 25-25.

  • Vol'dun > Court of Zak'rajan > Gilded Docks of Zak'rajan (NOT USED) - Name changed from "Vol'dun > Court of Zak'rajan > Gilded Docks of Zak'rajan" to "Vol'dun > Court of Zak'rajan > Gilded Docks of Zak'rajan (NOT USED)".
  • Vol'dun > Froward Camp (New)
  • Vol'dun > Redrock Cavern (New)
  • Vol'dun > Zak'rajan's Throne Room (NOT USED) - Name changed from "Vol'dun > Zak'rajan's Throne Room" to "Vol'dun > Zak'rajan's Throne Room (NOT USED)".
  • Zuldazar > Lair of Rezan (New)
  • Zuldazar > Rastakhan's Might (New)
  • Zuldazar > The Tusk Pools (New)
  • Zuldazar > Throne of Rezan - Name changed from "Zuldazar > Lair of Rezan" to "Zuldazar > Throne of Rezan".

Map Difficulties
  • 8.0 Islands - Platform - demigod dome living (New) - Max players: 5.
  • Great Sea (New) - Max players: 5.
  • Lordaeron - Normal Scenario - Max players: 5. 20.
  • Uncharted Island - Normal Scenario (New) - Max players: 1.
  • Un'gol Ruins (Islands 1) - 45 (New) - Max players: 6.
  • Warfronts Arathi - Horde - Normal Scenario - Name changed from "Warfronts Arathi - Normal Scenario" to "Warfronts Arathi - Horde - Normal Scenario".

Battle for Azeroth
  • 8.0 Islands - Platform - demigod dome living (New) - Directory: Islands_demigod_dome_living. Type: Normal.
  • Great Sea (New) - Directory: GreatSea. Type: Normal.
  • Kul Tiras Arena - Directory: KulTirasArena. Type: Arena. Time is always 0:00am. 12:00am.
  • Warfronts Arathi - Horde - Name changed from "Warfronts Arathi" to "Warfronts Arathi - Horde".

  • Uncharted Island (New) - Directory: ScenarioIslandsTutorial. Type: Scenario.

Flying Mounts
  • Undercity Plaguebat (New) - Flying Mount. Undercity Plaguebat. "One of the last of the giant bats to escape Undercity following the siege of Lordaeron." Source: PH

Ground Mounts
  • PH (New) - Ground Mount. PH. "PH" Source: Quest: PH

Kings' Rest
  • 01: Kings' Rest (New)

The Battle for Stromgarde
  • 01: Reclaim Stromgarde (New) - Reclaim our base and establish a steady stream of iron and wood.
  • 02: The Gates Must Fall (New) - Lay siege to the gates of Ar'gorok
  • 03: The Sacking of Ar'gorok (New) - The time is now! Charge in and defeat the Horde commander.

Uncharted Island
  • 01: Investigate the Azerite (New) - Investigate the source of the Azerite.
  • 02: An Oceanic Outcropping (New) - Mine the Azerite Node.
  • 03: There's More (New) - Investigate the second source of Azerite.
  • 04: Encrusted Crustacean (New) - Kill the Azerite-Encrusted Kingscuttler.
  • 05: Off the Charts (New) - Investigate the third source of Azerite.
  • 06: Azerite Raid (New) - Take the Azerite from the Kunzen hozen tribe.
  • 07: Escape! (New) - Escape from Uncharted Isle before the Alliance arrive.

Secondary Skills
  • Racial - Dark Iron Dwarf (New) - Racial - Dark Iron Dwarf

World Safe Locations
Broken Isles
  • Dalaran - 110 Boost - Name changed from "Dalaran - New" to "Dalaran - 110 Boost".

Kul Tiras
  • 8.0 Stormsong - Highland Pass GY - GJC (New)
  • 8.0 Stormsong - Honey Bee Farm GY - GJC (New)
  • Boralus Dungeon - Alliance Exit Target - Name changed from "Boralus Dungeon - Exit Target" to "Boralus Dungeon - Alliance Exit Target".
  • Boralus Dungeon - Horde Exit Target (New)

Warfronts Arathi - Alliance
  • 8.0 Warfronts - Alliance - Start (New)

Warfronts Arathi - Horde
  • 8.0 Warfront - Arathi - Alliance Start (New)

  • 8.0 Vol'dun - Into the Dunes Questgiver (JAP) (New)
  • 8.0 Zuldazar - Throne - Vehicle Safe Spot (New)
  • Nazmir, Shoaljai Tar Pits - GY - Name changed from "Nazmir, Flamespitter Fen - GY" to "Nazmir, Shoaljai Tar Pits - GY".
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