ArgusEliteTracker Addon, Hotfixes, Tweets, Curse Hiring, MoP Released Five Years Ago

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ArgusEliteTracker Addon
The ArgusEliteTracker addon helps you to search for Argus Elite groups. The addon allows you to search for all elites or just one for more accurate results.

Patch 7.3 Hotfixes - September 22
Originally Posted by Blizzard(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Fixed a bug that excluded certain repeatable Highmountain Clan chests from counting toward the Treasures of Highmountain Achievement.

  • Invasion Points
    • Crazed Corruptors’ Shadow Bolt spell now deals significantly less damage.


  • Corin Direbrew
    • Healing should now scale properly with player level.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
If I have 2 relics both with the Torment of the weak passive, do I get 2 separate stacks or more uptime on 1?
When you have multiple relics with that trait, it's the damage that is increased. There should still only be one debuff on the target. (WarcraftDevs)

Game Developer Tweets
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Do you think there is a direct correlation between power without gameplay and lowered satisfaction?
Absolutely, but it won’t manifest immediately. In the short term, being overpowered and hard to counter feels great. You’re winning a lot without having to work as hard at it. It’s a rush. But it’s a temporary sugar rush. Later you start to lose interest and aren’t sure why.

It’s the same feeling the first time you turn on god mode on any game. I ran through Contra once with invincibility on and sort of lost interest. When I first went to work on WoW, I poked around in all of the raid instances to see how the bosses were actually built (like how did Deep Breath actually work), but it wasn’t fun to go around and one-shot them all with dev tools. Wooo. I’m so powerful. Crickets.

I should also add that it’s possible to have abilities or mechanics that can still feel satisfying to use even if the champion overall has too much power without gameplay. Abilities that are responsive, that have good visuals and audio that match your expectations, and have good feedback, can be satisfying. That doesn’t mean the whole character package is though. (Source)

Curse is Hiring!
Are you interested in working on some of the most popular gaming websites in the world? Check out our many open positions and see if Curse is the right fit for you!

Huntsville, AL
  • Software Development Manager - You'll be responsible for supporting business growth, user engagement, and security through effective development team management and engineering practices
  • Front End Developer - Work with designers and developers to develop modern, intuitive user interfaces for our web properties.
  • Marketing Director - Develop and execute our go-to-market strategies for new and existing products and feature releases.
New York, NY
  • Sales Director, East Coast - Drive territory revenue in the non-endemic games marketplace and ensure the long-term success of your team

For more information on working at Curse, please head to our Careers page.

Mists of Pandaria Released Five Years Ago Today
It has been five years since Mists of Pandaria released!

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